jAlbum 11.5.1

It lets you create online photo albums from your images
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jAlbum lets you display your photos in the form of galleries which are both easy-to-browse and stylish-looking. It also lets you upload the created photo albums to your websites or to jalbum.net with ease. Since it can create complete webpages, it can even be used to build professional-looking web photo sites that feature “about” and “contact” pages, shopping carts, social integration and map support.

It’s an easy-to-use application that can perform complicated tasks such as downscaling the images to the required sizes in an automatic manner, without requiring your intervention. Since it can generate the thumbnails automatically, all that’s left for you to do is choose the photos that will be displayed in the album (drag-and-drop is supported) and choose the album’s skin.

Though it’s easy to use and straightforward, it supports plenty of cool advanced features. For example, it lets you watermark the photos that you add to a gallery. Professional photographers can use the watermarking function to help them sell their photos, especially since this powerful tool allows creating galleries which include shopping carts and support for processing the image metadata. Anyway, if you’re a casual user, you can still benefit a lot from this application anytime you want to quickly and easily create image galleries and share them online. It’s a handy tool suitable for anyone.

This powerful application also comes with handy image editing features, letting you crop the pictures, tune their colors, enhance them using filters, and so on. jAlbum can even handle videos and can convert over 160 different video formats to MP4 which is especially suitable to use on the web. Furthermore, the skins of the albums can be customized in many details to your liking.

To sum it all up, jAlbum is a powerful and comprehensive tool that leaves no room for complaint. Its price is completely justified by a great number benefits this great tool offers.

Margie Smeer
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  • Easy to use
  • Can also handle videos
  • Includes features that help photographers sell their photos


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